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Attendance from 13-09-2019 to 19-09-2019

Attendance from 05-09-2019 to 13-09-2019


We had two classes that had excellent 100% attendance for this week!

These classes were; Aldrich-Blake (Yr3) and Irwin (Yr4).

Well done!


Special mention to Aldrich- Blake who have had 100% for the last three weeks! What an achievement!


We also had several classes that had great attendance that was over our target of 96.5%!

These classes were; Peake (Yr5) with 98%

                                  Rowling (Yr6) with 98%


Well done!


Unfortunately we also had a few classes below our target. 

These classes were; Lester (Yr3) with 96.4%

                                  Perry (Yr4) with 96.1%

                                  Imafidon (Yr4) with 95.8%

                                  Fry (Yr5) with 95%

                                  Kane (Yr6) with 94.6%

                                  Willingale (Yr3) with 93.9%


Oh dear! Hopefully those classes do much better next week! 


Overall the whole school attendance is 96.7%, which is good and above our target. Let's hope we all keep it above 96.5%.


As always, we appreciate your support on getting your children into school so they can learn and experience new things.