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History Intent at Alderton Junior School


At Alderton Junior School, we have a cross-curricular approach, with most subjects linked to each term’s History and Geography learning.


Alderton’s history curriculum is taught thematically as part of a topic. Our aim is to create an exciting and engaging curriculum that fosters curiosity about the world. Each new topic is introduced through a ‘Wow Event’, where children take part in an interactive, memorable experience to spark their interest. Alderton’s history curriculum draws from, and makes use of, the immediate and wider local area, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of Loughton’s locality. Throughout their time at school, children will have the opportunity to develop a well-rounded understanding of past events that affected people on a local, national and international scale and gain an understanding of how these events impact on our modern-day world. The focus is not only on building up historical knowledge; but also on developing historical enquiry skills and building connections with the intention to improve every pupil’s cultural capital and understanding of the world around them.


The progression of skills by year group (see below) expects all children to use appropriate historical vocabulary and terminology and to ask and answer relevant questions.  Children’s chronological knowledge is extended through use of timelines and drawing on earlier learning to make comparisons with different time periods. As they move through the school, children are expected to become increasingly critical and analytical in their thinking, develop perspective, weigh evidence and balance judgement based on their knowledge of the past.



History and Geography Leader:

Mrs Sarah Finn

January Ofsted Inspection 2023 Good with Outstanding "Pupils flourish in this happy, harmonious junior school. They enjoy a wealth of opportunities to develop their talents and interests."