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At The Alderton Junior School, we take every effort to ensure our pupils and staff stay safe when using all forms of technology. Technology is an important part of everyday life and can support a range of tasks and provide leisure. With that in mind, it is important that we provide regular information across our community on the latest E-Safety news and findings. We provide the following:

  • for pupils, half-termly e-safety lessons which include all the essential skills to navigate technology and the online world safely
  • for parents, e-safety workshops and e-safety updates via our newsletter
  • for staff, annual e-safety training and regular e-safety updates with relevant news

Our e-safety education is underpinned by the SMART acronym. It is important that this message continues at home and that both you and your child are aware of the steps! 


Our E-Safety Newsletter has been created as a place which celebrates the internet as well as provides the latest news on online safety developments. Please click on the links below to read:





The Alderton Junior hosts regular parent workshops to support with e-safety at home. 


In modern day society, e-safety is a fundamental requirement that all should be aware of. The Alderton has developed its own 'E-Safety Policy' which reflects the requirements of current online safety and ensures that children, staff and parents have adequate support in maintaining their online presence.


The Policy also outlines how, as a school, we teach and promote e-safety, along with its dangers, to all children from Year 3 to Year 6. A clear and reflective programme is present across the school so that all children can develop an understanding of e-safety.


E-Safety is a skill that should be developed at school and at home. Developing children's knowledge of the online world is beneficial to their daily use of the internet. Reinforcing The Alderton’s e-safety message helps to protect the children online in and out of school. Here are some useful links to E-Safety websites, videos and games.


For adults: ThinkUKnow 

Games and videos for children:

Ages 4-7Age 8-10Ages 11-13

ThinkUKnow Parent Resource Packs

BBC Own It

BBC have created an app to help support children with their online decisions.


NSPCC is a charity which prevents child cruelty.

The link above will help to provide support parents in dealing with online issues at home.

Google Legends

Be Internet Legends empowers young children to use the web safely and wisely.


CEOP is a law enforcement agency where concerns can be raised to keep young people safe.




Childnet has lots of games, books and advice for primary age children.

Their resource centre can be found here.


If you have any questions, enquiries or concerns about E-Safety then please feel free to contact Miss Rees via

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