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OPAL Playtimes

We are delighted to have signed up to work with OPAL on an 18 month project to improve playtimes here at Alderton Junior School starting in November 2021.


Please watch this space for updates and photographs of our work to develop play experiences for all our children over the coming months.


Click below for more details about OPAL and the work they do with schools around the country.

September 2023

It has been a very warm start to the new school year! We have been making the most of playing under the trees on the tyre swing and hammocks. Our new lunchtime football skills sessions have also got off to a great start.

July 2023

The sandpit is here! Thanks to all the volunteers for moving 4 tonnes of sand.

Pictures and updates to follow soon...

June 2023

The sun is out and the children have been enjoying creating social spaces with the cable drums, fabric, netting and crates. The scooters have also been a big hit with all year groups!

Spring 2023

Enjoying some quiet games of chess and Uno. OPAl isn't just about physical play, the children also love Lego, card games and books. The Play Shed has had a good tidy up too!

January 2023

It's January and despite the damp weather, we are out enjoying playtime. This week we have been using tunnels and tents as well as balancing on the tyres. The new mud kitchen and waterpipes are almost ready to go out, thanks to Mrs Gipson and her drill!

May 2022

This month we have been enjoying the new obstacle crates and planks and have been pushing, rolling, stacking and lifting the tyres. They are also a fabulous place to sit and relax! The new digging pit is up and running, we are now just waiting for some rain!

March 2022

In March we raised £460 towards a new sandpit by collecting loose change. Roding were the winning house with nearly £200 raised. Well done everyone!


We also enjoyed playing different games with the skipping ropes.

January 2022

The children have been out enjoying the winter sunshine with cardboard boxes and our new mud kitchen. The boxes have been used to make forts, as tables, to play Pokemon, as a catwalk and even to hide in!

November 2021

The children have so far been enjoying bubbles, chalk and extra balls and hoops at playtimes.

January Ofsted Inspection 2023 Good with Outstanding "Pupils flourish in this happy, harmonious junior school. They enjoy a wealth of opportunities to develop their talents and interests."