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Religious Education Intent at Alderton Junior School


The intent of Religious Education at Alderton Junior School is for all our pupils to develop the virtues of respect and empathy, which are important in both our diverse society and our culturally-expanding school community. 37% of our pupils identify as having no religion, whilst 20% identify as Christian and 13% follow another faith. With the make-up of our school ever changing, we teach RE through the Essex SACRE - exploRE scheme, adapting it to suit the needs of our community.


Curriculum Summary:

Our desire is for our pupils to leave our school with a spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of life, in line with the British Values, so that they have a broader mind and a deeper understanding of the world. Within the curriculum, our pupils are intellectually challenged and personally enriched through lessons which explore what they can both learn about religion and learn from religion. These are called AT1 and AT2 objectives respectively. 


AT1 objectives help to build pupils knowledge and understanding of religion, whilst AT2 objectives give pupils the opportunity to respond to, evaluate, apply and question. Through this, our pupils are encouraged to foster civilised debates and reasoned arguments, all with the aim of helping them to understand the place of religion and belief in the modern world.



R.E. Leader:

Miss Princess Bradley