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PE is an essential part of our educational program here at Alderton. All children are expected and encouraged to take part in PE to help develop their confidence, fitness and to develop essential skills. We are closely linked with local sporting networks and take part in many inter-school competitions. We also have an extensive and growing extra-curricular program where children can further develop skills in a more sport-specific environment.


Curriculum Summary:
Key Stage 2
Students build on the development of the key skills they have developed in KS1. We encourage the children to develop and apply a broader range of skills as they start to gain a deeper understanding of strategy, teamwork, collaboration and competition. We focus on helping the children to recognise key successes and teach them how to evaluate and improve performance.
The main outcomes for children are to:
  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities  
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time  
  • engage in competitive sports and activities  
  • lead healthy, active lives.
Years 3-5 enjoy a term of swimming each at the local swimming pool - Loughton Leisure centre.
Pupils will be assessed termly in PE according to skill development, acquisition of skills, understanding of health and fitness and evaluating and improving their performance.
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Department Staff
Mr Malcolm Pearse (PE Coordinator)
Welcome Back to The Alderton Junior School! We are very pleased to be welcoming our new Year 3 cohort to our Alderton Family.