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Who's Who

The Alderton Junior School Staff


Leadership Team:

Miss Johnson, Headteacher

Mrs Finn, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs O'Riordan, Head of Learning Support/SENDCo

Mrs Carroll-Bastian, Behaviour and Pastoral Support Manager

Miss Connolly, Phase Leader (Year 3 & 6), Maths Subject Leader

Mr Harrison,    Phase Leader (Year 4 & 5), Computing Leader

Miss Johnson, 



Mrs Finn, 

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs O'Riordan, 

Head of Learning Support



Miss Connolly, 6 Kane, Maths Leader,

Phase Leader for Year 3 & 6

Miss West, 6 Rowling, English Leader



Mr Harrison, 5 Hawking,

Computing Leader,

Phase Leader for Year 4 & 5

Mrs Gordon, 5 Peake,

PSHCE Leader


Miss Rees, 5 Pankhurst,

History and Geography Leader



Miss Tuke, 4 Perry,

Reading Leader



Mrs Busairi, 4 Imafidon,

EAL Leader

Miss Slattery, Student Teacher

Miss Bradley, 4 Irwin,

Religious Education Leader



Miss Davies, 3 Aldrich-Blake,    

Science Leader




Mrs Hitchcock, 3 Lester (Mon-Wed),   

Performing Arts and Music Leader  

Mrs Finn, 3 Lester (Thurs-Fri)


Miss E Sumsion, 3 Willingale 





Specialists and/or PPA Teachers

Mrs L Hammant

Art and Design Technology Leader


Mr M Pearse, 

Physical Education (PE) Leader



Learning Assistants

Mrs N Camp

Mrs P Dineley

Mrs L Peagram

Mrs S Pittman

Miss R Quigley

Ms B Gipson


Mrs T Catchpole

Mrs L Ellerby

Miss K Riefe

Miss J Murray

Miss C Rumens

Mrs C Wood



Office Staff

Site Management

Mrs T Eaton, Finance Officer

Ms R Brown, Administration Assistant

Ms D Slade, Administration Assistant


Mr A Burgess

Mr P Smith


Midday Supervisors

Catering Team


Mrs N Camp (Supervisor)

Mrs L Amarouche-Oullaf

Mrs E Bentley

Mrs M Devereux

Ms B Gipson

Mrs A Hardcastle

Mrs L Peagram

Mrs E Pike

Mrs V Szafranzska

Mrs C Wood


Mrs D Mechell, Cook

Mrs Abbott

Mrs Butt

Mrs Howe

Mrs Melia

Mrs Sauliene

Ms L West


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