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Every minute counts when it comes to attendance in school and so we work hard to promote this to our children and families.  


Our target for attendance this academic year (2021-2022) is 96.5%.


Improving on last year where we finished on 95.8%. Last year (2018-2019) we successfully maintained 96% for the majority of the year, just shy of our school target of 96.5% the national expectation, and significantly reduced the overall number of persistent absentees. Term time holidays played a significant role in the drop in attendance figures at the end of last year. We do recognise that quality family time is important but can you please refrain from planning term time holidays.


We take a pro-active approach to encourage children to attend regularly, by:

  • Weekly attendance totals being shared in Friday assemblies, to see which year group has had the best attendance and who will receive the Attendance Cup.
  • Weekly monitoring of attendance by Attendance Administrator and Behaviour and Pastoral Support Manager. 
  • A 'best attendance' for the week display outside the school hall, to praise the winning year group.
  • Attendance data shared in newsletters.
  • Regular letters sent home to those with low/dropping attendance.
  • Meeting with parents who are struggling to get their children in to school.
  • Working closely with the Education Welfare Service to support families who might struggle to get their children to school on time, or on a regular basis.
  • Working closely with the Local Authority to reduce term time holidays and irregular attendance.


For further and more detailed information, a copy of the school's Attendance policy can be found under the Policies tab of the website.




8.40am: Children are welcome in to school

8.45am: All children expected in school

8.50am: Children arriving after this time should be brought into school via the Office, so that parents can sign the late book, stating a reason for lateness.

9.15am: Registers close.  Children arriving after this time will be recorded as 'unauthorised absence'.


Children who are repeatedly late will be referred to the Education Welfare Service.

Attendance Information Letter