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Attendance for 10-10-19 to 17-10-19


Heading towards the end of term now. 


Attendance this week has remained stable. We remain at 96.8% which is still above our target of 96.5%, so this is pleasing!


We still have a few children being pulled out of school to go on unauthorised holidays. Please be reminded that this is not acceptable. It affects your child's learning and their attendance as well as their classes' attendance and the whole school attendance. 


This week we do have some excellent attendance! 8 out of 10 classes were above out target! Which is fantastic!


Classes with excellent attendance are; 

                                                              Irwin (Yr4) with 97.6%

                                                              Perry (Yr4) with 97.5%

                                                              Rowling(Yr6) with 97.5%

                                                              Imafidon (Yr4) with 97.4%

                                                              Kane (Yr6) with 97.4%

                                                              Aldrich-Blake (Yr3) with 97.1%


Classes with good attendance are;

                                                              Lester (Yr3) with 96.6% 

                                                              Willingale (Yr3) with 96.6%


Classes with attendance below our target of 96.5% are;

                                                              Peake (Yr5) with 96.3%

                                                              Fry (Yr5) with 94%


Let's hope that the Year 5 classes can do better next week! It would be nice to get all ten classes above our target for the final week before half term. 


As always, thank you for your support in bringing your children in to school as much as possible.


January Ofsted Inspection 2023 Good with Outstanding "Pupils flourish in this happy, harmonious junior school. They enjoy a wealth of opportunities to develop their talents and interests."