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Late/Absence Procedures


Parents are expected to ensure that children are present at registration. Children arriving between 8.50am and 9.15am are recorded as late and a reason requested and recorded. Children arriving after 9.15am will be recorded as unauthorised absence.


There are three negative results caused by pupils who constantly arrive late: 

  • The loss of learning suffered by the pupil themselves which over a year can add up to a significant proportion of their time in school.
  • The disruption to other children in their class as the teacher’s attention is taken from the task at hand.
  • Can raise levels of unauthorised absence.


The strategies that the school will use to tackle lateness will include:

  • Pupils catch up on lost learning by missing part or all of their playtime if they are frequently late
  • Calling parents in to discuss persistent lateness
  • The MECES Investigator being notified in the case of persistent lateness.
  • Use of Penalty Notices in cases of unauthorised absence. This decision will be taken by the Headteacher in consultation with the MECES Investigator for the school.



Regular attendance at school is vital to pupil achievement. As a school we expect pupils to be in school every day unless there is a reasonable and genuine reason.

If your child is absent from school, it is important to call the school office as soon as possible so we can note this on the register.


To support parents, we also use the Studybugs programme, this is a free app download and allows instant messaging to the school. It also allows the school to respond if necessary and provides parents with information on local illnesses and useful NHS advice.


Holidays during term time will not be authorised. This is national law and schools are required to report this as an unauthorised absence which may result in a fine being issued.


If there are circumstances which require emergency absence from school; parents are required to complete an absence request form which is available from the school office. Parents are required to attach a letter explaining the circumstances which the Head Teacher will consider. Parents may need to attend a meeting to discuss ways in which we can minimise disruption in schooling.


Absence for extra-curricular events:


As a school we support the talents and experiences of our pupils. On occasion, we have pupils who require time out of school for such events as:

* Attending a competition

* An exam or musical grading

* An audition or involvement in performing arts


In this instance, parents will need to complete an absence request form and attend a meeting with the Head Teacher where the child’s current attendance and academic attainment will be discussed prior to a decision being made. All possible attempts should be made for such events to take place outside of school time where possible.


For further information, please consult our school Attendance policy obtained from the school office

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