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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


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Year 6 WOW day!


WOW, what a day! Year six had a tremendous day for their Gallery Rebels topic WOW day. 


It involved varies activities centred around their topic. 


The activities were based around the big question of 'Is graffiti vandalism or art?'. 


The children enjoyed: learning about Banksy and making some of his art; creating stencils like Banksy and using a spray can to create a 'throwie' of their name! 



Science/DT - Clay Fossil making!

During Science, year 6 children have been busy exploring inheritance and evolution.

We have studied how fossils are created and what they can tell us about the past and evolution. 

Following this, the children researched various changes that have been found in fossils and created their own using clay. 

They each used clay molding skills to create three shapes that displayed a slight change in a living thing. 

Working hard to carve the clay for our fossils!

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