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Year 5

Home Learning

As a school, we have reviewed how we provide Home Learning for our pupils and families. Feedback from parents/carers suggested that pupils needed more time to complete tasks, would enjoy a range of tasks and needed more opportunities to be creative. 

We have provided 20 Home Learning Challenges for pupils to complete over the half term. Pupils can choose to complete as many as they can, and choose the way in which they would like to present their learning. 

Home Learning Challenges are due in to school on Thursday 12th July 2018 where they will be shared and acknowledged in class as a celebration of achievements. Pupils will receive 2 House Points for every piece they complete.

Please find Year 5 Home learning below:

Curriculum Web

To ensure parents and carers are always informed regarding what pupils are learning in class, we have created Curriculum Webs, where details of all current and future learning for the half term can be found. 

Please note that one piece of Home Learning will link directly to the current topic and is considered a key learning task where pupils can be creative and use their critical thinking skills, e.g. in Year 3, pupils are asked to design and create their own Roman solider which they can present in any way they wish.