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When it comes to times tables, speed and accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.

Here at Alderton Junior School, we are introducing a fantastic online way to develop knowledge of times tables and division facts for all pupils from Y3-Y6. Times tables are recognised as essential to access many mathematical concepts and knowledge will be assessed at the end of Y4, from September 2019, by a National test.

Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help pupils master the times tables! Your child’s teacher has introduced them to how Times Tables Rock Stars works and the appropriate times tables to practice on a weekly basis will be allocated. This programme can be accessed online via the web address on the attached letter - your child has their own login and password. You may also download an App for the Iphone/Ipad or Android App through which your child may practice.


When they first login, your child will choose their own rock star name and design their own avatar before starting to practise.

There are two single player modes to play:

Game Modes

Single Player

Garage - the questions will only come from the times tables the teacher has set for the week. As pupils start to answer questions, TT Rock Stars works out which facts they take longer on and will give them more of these questions to answer. The Garage is best for getting quicker at a few facts. Players get 10 coins per question.

We recommend starting with this game as after 10 tries it sets up a baseline for your child.
Studio - the questions in the Studio can be anything from 1×1 up to 12×12.


It’s helpful to understand that the quicker your child can answer a times tables question, the higher their Rock Status. Use this list as a guide to help your child work out their Rock Status:
TT Rock Stars calculates each the mean speed from their last 10 games in the Studio and translates into a Rock Status:

≤ 1 sec/question = Rock Hero

≤ 2 secs/question = Rock Legend

≤ 3 secs/question = Rock Star

≤ 4 secs/question = Headliner

≤ 5 secs/question = Support Act

≤ 6 secs/question = Breakthrough Artist

≤ 7 sec/question = Unsigned Act

≤ 8 secs/question = Gigger 

≤ 9 secs/question = Busker 

≤ 10 secs/question = Garage Rocker 

> 10 secs/question = Wannabe 


They earn 1 coin per question and the Studio is the place for them to set their best time across all the tables.

Soundcheck – When you play Soundcheck, you get 20 questions each with a 5-second time limit. The questions are multiplication only and evenly weighted in terms of difficulty each time you play. Players earn 5 coins per correct answer.


Rock Arena - The Arena allows players to compete against all other members of their Band (their Bandmates would need to join the same game in order to compete together).
A new Arena game starts every 15 seconds and once the clock starts they race to answer more questions than the others. In the Arena, questions will only come from the times tables the teacher has set for the week, similar to the Garage.  They earn 1 coin per correct answer.

Rock Festival - The Rock Festival games are open to players from around the world. Like the Arena, there is no limit to the number of players who can join a game; however, unlike the Arena, questions are selected at random from 1×1 to 12×12.
Pupils might choose the Rock Festival if they were playing at home (and therefore couldn't easily synchronise playing against a classmate) or wanted to compete against others not in their Band. They earn 1 coin per correct answer.



If you click on Me > My Stats, a heat map like the one below will load. It shows how successful your child is at each of the facts.

You will find additional resources and an introduction video on the Alderton Juniors Website in the Home Learning section under ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’.



  1. Type into your browser’s address bar.
  2. Log in. Your child’s teacher will provide their username and password.                                      




It is recommended that your child does a little bit of times table practice every night. Short bursts of practise on a daily basis are more effective than spending hours once a week. To make a success of this programme and ensure that your child follows the programme of practising and remains motivated we need your help. Without your praise and your reminders, without you sitting down next to them or checking their work, practising times tables will not feel important to your child. Thank you for your support and I am sure your hard work and theirs will have a direct impact and make them a Times Table Rock Star!





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