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History at Alderton is taught thematically as part of a topic. Teachers aim to create an exciting and engaging curriculum that fosters curiosity about the world and encourages pupils to raise questions about the past and make links with other areas of the curriculum. We use artefacts, experiences and trips to facilitate this. The aim is to ensure pupils have a well-rounded understanding of important historical periods, events and people from local, national and international perspectives. The focus is not only on building up historical knowledge; but also on developing historical enquiry skills and building connections to ensure a deeper understanding of the world around them.


The progression of skills by year group expects all children to use appropriate historical vocabulary and terminology and to ask and answer relevant questions. Children’s chronological knowledge is extended through using timelines and drawing on earlier learning to make comparisons with different time periods. As they move through the school, they are expected to have a deeper understanding of more complex issues and to be able to work more confidently with ideas of cause, change and consequence and an increasing selection of sources of evidence.


History and Geography Leader:

Miss Natalie Rees

From January 4th, all schools are closed due to Covid-19. For enquiries, please contact the school office via email or visit the Covid-19 tab.