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At The Alderton, our main goal is to ensure that children leave school as effective readers and writers. We aim to make all learning memorable through links across the curriculum that link English and Reading in with the wider curriculum. Each topic is taught through reading a range of key texts in which we ensure all our children are exposed to a wide range of different texts and experiences to help all children have ‘something to say’ and to ensure their work is purposeful. The children will learn that their writing should have an audience and a purpose with an exciting and relevant outcome.


Curriculum Summary:

Key Stage 2


Our English curriculum has been written to progress in skill and text type from Year 3 to Year 6, where skill becomes progressively more challenging. The curriculum has been curated for the children of Alderton and is supported by the National Curriculum and the Merton Progression document, which provides details of how each text type could progress for each year group and provides the key skills needed and knowledge for the writer to be taught.


Each year group focuses on an overall aspect of writing:

Year 3: Developing key writing basic skills and language

Year 4: Building on text structure and language

Year 5: Mastering use of language and engagement of the reader

Year 6: Developing and Mastering author’s voice and manipulation of the reader

Each topic is taught through a narrative text, then followed by a linked non-fiction text.




Children will develop their ability in KS2 to improve and edit their work. They will be taught a wide range of vocabulary to include in their writing through rich, high quality books that may often challenge their writing style and their thinking.

The children will begin joining their handwriting consistently, increasing the consistency and quality.


They will begin using paragraphs to write longer narratives, which they have planned for, using rich vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures. They will read their own work aloud to the whole class, whilst assessing the effectiveness of what they have written.




Children will be able to reflect upon the audience and purpose of their writing, adjusting their choice of vocabulary and grammar to suit the task.  Again, they will be taught a wide range of vocabulary to include in their writing through rich, high quality books that may often challenge their writing style and their thinking.


The children will be able to select a wide range of punctuation and organisational devices to match the genre and enhance meaning.  Children will write across many genres from diaries to biographies; poems to reports.




At The Alderton our ultimate goal of reading is to enable pupils to:

  • Read independently

  • Understand what they have read

  • Be engaged and motivated to read


Reading is taught daily through a discrete teaching lesson but is also through English and other curriculum areas where pupils shared read and hear texts read to them. The staff at The Alderton aim to develop a love for reading and for the class teacher to model expressive storytelling.

Reading lessons are focused on developing children’s reading skills. The children are taught a specific objective from the national curriculum, which exposes them to a variety of high quality fiction and non-fiction materials. The teaching is differentiated to ensure reading is accessible and challenging for all.

The children are also taught new vocabulary each day to broaden and enrich their understanding of words.


Free Choice Reading and Reading Enrichment


Across the school, children are given the opportunity to choose their own books to read independently from the selection in class.


Each day, pupils should engage in class reading at the end of the school day from a class text, this could be a text of choice that will engage pupils. Teachers read aloud to the class where love of reading and shared enjoyment is evident through the sharing of high quality texts of various styles.




Writing is regularly moderated across the school. Reading and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) are assessed on a termly basis via written assessments.


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Department Staff

Miss Daisy West (English Leader) & Miss Amber Tuke (Reading Leader)

Alderton Junior School will be closed indefinitely from Monday 23rd March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. An emergency provision for children of key workers and those with Educational health Care Plans is in place. For more information, visit our 'News and Events' tab.