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Our whole school curriculum was revised in 2017. It is designed to work as a creative curriculum where maximum learning through all subject areas can take place in an engaging and innovative manner.

Each topic has an overarching theme e.g. Frozen Planet. Within this, staff should refer to the overview to see what areas are to be the focus of learning linked to the National Curriculum 2014. Each Phase has an overview which provides all the National Curriculum objectives and a guideline of how each topic could meet those areas.

Staff have autonomy to make each topic as exciting and engaging as possible, linking subjects as much as is possible without making tenuous links. Maths should be taught discretely through the Maths Mastery and primary Advantage approaches.

Each topic should begin with a launch, which explores key questions and draws out pupil interests. This could be as simple as engaging in pupil-led research and discussion (much like the SOLE Project approach), engaging in an open-ended activity, having a guest speaker in school or engaging in an educational visit. For example, studying power in the Tudor times, staff may take pupils on a visit to the National Portrait Gallery where they study how power is portrayed through art.

Each topic should progress to culminate in a Finale Event, where pupils celebrate key parts of their learning and share this with parents. For example, when studying power in Tudor times, having looked at power through art, pupils may hold a gallery of their own art creations, and guide their parents around their work and offer refreshments. Within the learning between the launch and finale, pupils will have been taught about Tudor life, the monarchy, power through Tudor times such as the Reformation and impact and explored this through all wider curriculum subjects. Our school English curriculum is linked to all wider curriculum topics.

Each half term, staff will plan how they will link subjects creatively within the topic, with the freedom to move topic areas around. For example, if teaching Animals and Humans in Science, which links well to Frozen Planet, this can be moved to be taught at the same time, rather than at a later point in the year. Staff will complete a curriculum map which covers all curriculum areas and links to the Home Learning for that half term, which will be uploaded to the website and shared with parents.

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